About the Author

Ann O’Kane has written all her life, mostly on little scraps of paper. She spent some years floundering, finally doing what was necessary to teach, the work she was meant to do. A native of Seattle, Washington, she was raised in San Jose, California. She is an ordinary mother of an extraordinary son. This is her first book.

Ann has recently completed training with grief expert, David Kessler.  She is listed on Grief.com as a Certified Grief Educator. Offering compassionate support on the painful path of loss, Ann is neither a counselor nor a therapist, but a peer-to-peer educator.  As she continues her own healing, she offers gentle yet practical support and understanding of a depth of pain that cannot be articulated.  Her own experience will help others see there really is light and hope, not just at the end of the road, but all along the way.